or actually what is left of 919.org.

After 12 years, 7 of which the Honda 919 has not been in production I decided to remove the hosting service from the website and hastily moved the content under the umbrella of one of my other websites


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Just to give you some heads up on what this site is about:

I have been performance tuning sportbikes for over 25 years now; exhaust tuning, custom jetting carbs, turbo units & most recently Fuel Injection mapping & coincidentally specialized in 900RR's as the mainstay of my business. As you are probably already are aware the 919's motor is derived directly from the old 900RR mill with which I have a great deal of experience. Over the last decade I have become extremely proficient in Fuel Injection mapping with the Powercommander units from Dynojet & having worked at various levels of professional racing have good relationships with several of the top tuners in the world.

Many many things are still to come on this site as we are just in the very beginning stages. We will have technical mods with instructions/diagrams, product reviews & installation guides & more trick parts than you will know what to do with




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