Brake lines

Adding aftermarket brake lines is sportbikes 101

Braided lines firm up the lever & generally give better feedback & lever feel removing the spongy feeling that OEM rubber lines give & reducing brake fade during aggressive riding

It really just doesn't matter which brand you go with or whether you choose kevlar or braided stainless steel although the braided SS lines are commonly known to hold up better in a crash situation. Nobody can honestly say they can tell the difference in brake line performance between the different brands & materials.

I went with Galfer brake lines from Dan Kyle 831-394-1330

I can usually install brake lines start to finish including removing the old lines & bleeding the system in about 5-10 minutes per line, but this install took me about 45 minutes total as I had a helluva time figuring out how to route the lines with the fittings in the appropriate positions & bleeding the front brakes took way longer than usual as well (which I do manually btw instead of with a vacuum pump)


Note the pressure switch/bolt that triggers the rear brake light