I currently have two sets of Chase Harper saddle bag luggage to fit & test

Update: 05/11/02

It finally stopped raining so I mounted the the Stealth Bags. When I receive the heatshields for the 3550 saddle bags I will mount them as well

A few things to note:

1. The heatshields are great! They are made from leather sewn to a mylar/fiber material with a cordura type binding on the edges.




2. I applied the protective vinyl only where the straps & heatshields directly contact the bodywork. It doesn't look fantastic, but it does the job.



3. I found it beneficial to route the rear strap under the seat & the front strap on top of the seat. Not only does it provide a little more security & tighter fit, but it also keeps your passenger from having to sit directly on top of the strap.



4. Instead of looping the tie down straps to the passenger footpeg frame I literally clamped it between the foot guard & the rubber mat of the rearset.




Older Info

These are just some initial pics I took just to get an idea of the look

Originally I wasn't worried about the heat from the heat shields, but after some long term riding today in 75-80 degree weather I am having a change of opinion & think that I will advise Chase Harper to look in to some alternative heat shielding options that they have available.