Powercommander PCIII USB


This little jewel allows you to change the fuel mapping to obtain better Air/Fuel ratios & yield better combustion in the cylinders.

Changing maps or adjusting existing ones only takes a few seconds from your computer & in time there will be a huge assortment of custom maps to choose from.

The 919 runs extremely rich from the factory & the PCIII is currently the only available tool we have that allows us to change the fuel injection mapping on the 919. Even with stock cans you will find that while overall horsepower is increased marginally (this is relatively low hp bike to begin with...) that the throttle response is greatly improved & the bike once properly mapped has a much smoother engine pull, it just feels more balanced & like it really is connected to your wrist.
As more exhausts manufacturers develop products for the 919 we will be able to match the fueling to the exhaust system to maintain optimal performance of the engine. In fact any dynojet certified tuning center can plug your bike (with a PCIII) into the Dynojet 250 dyno & build you a custom map to any air/fuel ratio you pre-select.

To learn more about dyno tuning with the PCIII, PCIIIr & PCIII USB Click Here




Since I don't carry a tool pouch I decided to mount the PCIII in more remote area