Sato Racing Rearsets

Very easy & quick install, but since there is no provision for the factory brakelight switch I would assume that the finished kit will have a pressure switch like the other Sato rearsets do that simply replaces the banjo bolt in the top of the master cylinder also a very quick install (5-10 minutes including bleeding the brake system)

I have tested rearsets from all over the world & these are some of the absolute finest ever made.  With the double ball bearings instead of bushings they are super smooth with an extremely solid feel at the lever & they can save your ass in a crash as the foot pegs (created to be legal for racing in Japan) actually work like frame sliders & protect the bike by just grinding down the super sturdy peg.  Plus replacement parts are also on hand in the event you crash test them.

As you can see in the pictures they will be available with & without the foldable passenger peg extensions.

Update to show the pressure switch/bolt that triggers the rear brake light


With the foldable peg extensions

peg up


peg down


Finally no more ground down pegs & levers!


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