Sato Racing Delrin Frame Sliders

These things installed in literally 2 minutes & as far as I am concerned are the best looking frame sliders on the market & they are conveniently marked for Left & Right

Can't offer you much in the way of a product review as I have no intention of crash testing them

$85 per set from Dan Kyle Racing (831-394-1330)

The sliders, unlike some of the flashier styles out there on the current market are actually designed not to stand out & attract attention away from the bike.  They are supposed to be functional, not stylish & their tapered design makes them much less of an eye sore than all the other brands I have seen. They are made from Delrin (a low friction material that inherently lends itself well to impact absorption & abrasion resistance.)

Some of these new fangled sliders you see advertised made from Carbon fiber & Aluminum are nothing but gimmicks as the carbon is going to destroy itself on impact & aluminum will transmit the impact straight through to the frame you are trying to protect...



I Can't wait until the rearsets are ready

touching these down scares the crap outta me everytime
so I thought if I take the peg feelers off I might not drag them anymore, wrong!
so I've been taking it real easy lately...