BMC Filters

Ok normally I am against using any type of aftermarket high flow filters (especially the K&N Brand) as typically they hurt performance on newer sportbikes more than they help it. If you want to read some of the details of my testing on them in the negative aspect you can follow up on it here: link to the airfilters hype page,

However these BMC filters work great on the 1000RR!

They come in either race or street versions & the difference is that the race version has only 2 layers of gauze while the street version has 4 layers. They are cleanable which means they can be used over & over again so there is definitely a cost benefit in addition to better performance.

Now I have not personally tested the K&N filters on the 1000RR, but I have heard from several others whom have used them that they hurt the performance. Again I didn't do the testing myself on them so I am not going to say one way or the other nor do I know the difference between the K&N & the BMC's, but I will say beyond any shadow of a doubt that the BMC race filters are a good mod for this particular bike