How to Change the Sparkplugs on the 04-05 1000RR
this was meant to be a funny, but sadly true account of the process so don't take it too seriously

if you want some truly useful information about sparkplugs then click here



tank shelter

lower fairings

middle fairings

airbox lid (make sure you disconnect the sensor clip first)

Then undo just the one screw holding the wire harness for the fuel rail on the right hand side of the airbox. This will give you enough room to move the middle section of the airbox around without actually removing the entire fuel rail assembly.

Remove the screws from middle part of the airbox (all around the perimeter & one in the center) & move it slightly off to the side then remove the 3 screws from both sets of velocity stacks. Undo the 2 screws on each side of the front of the airbox that hold the air intake snorkel in place. Then you can remove the entire bottom part of the airbox & set aside (leave the middle part laying inside the frame it will not be in the way for the plug change)

Remove the bird screen from the ram-air intake, disconnect flapper vacuum line if not done already & remove the gold diaphragm to make it easier to remove the intake snorkel

The next part is the only really bitch of it:

Drop the radiator from the chassis by removing one bolt from the upper left side, two bolts on the bracket from the upper right side & one bolt attached to the bottom. Make sure to skin your knuckles thoroughly on the radiator fins while dislodging the radiator from the mount holes & then push & pull on the intake snorkel for 30 minutes in every conceivable angle trying to get it out of the front of the bike between the headstock & the radiator then use 214 cuss words before throwing a temper tantrum of a 2 year old & storming off to get something cold to drink & surf the internet for a few minutes. Laugh at some stupid squid asking a retarded question on then return to the task. Put one hand on the snorkel & the other on the radiator so you can pull down on it trying to gain more room to manuever the snorkel out of the bike & then switch hands every 45 seconds for about another 10-15 minutes. Cuss like a sailor again & go get another cold drink. Grab a flashlight, go back to the bike sit on the floor, on your ass this time, legs splayed out on either side of the front wheel and looking directly into the chassis with the flashlight from every angle & try to see what the fuck is causing the snorkel to hang up inside there & then spend another 20 minutes struggling with it before it all of the sudden just comes loose when you happen to twist it down & out in an angle totally obtuse to the human wrists natural movement.

Now you can get to the plugs (sorta). Cylinder 1 is kind of a tight fit with a plug socket, but can be done with a little patience. 2 & 3 super easy, except plug cap #3 is going to be on soooo fuckin tight that you cannot pull it off with your bare hands so you fumble for the channel-lock pliers & get a good grip on the plug cap only to hear it start to crack the plastic so you back off & then wrap a shop towel around the plastic to help cushion it against your hamfisted tool assault. You pull & pull harder & then even harder & all of the sudden the plug cap POPS off & your hand gets smashed between the pliers & the frame leaving a nice blood blister between your thumb & index finger. The #4 plug cap is sooo close to the frame on the right hand side of the bike that you now have to find 2 shorter extensions & a pivot joint to be able to use the plug socket on a ratchet.

Now to put the plugs back in I strongly suggest you use a piece of 3/8 ID fuel line about a foot long. You insert the plug into one end of the fuel line & then lower it into the cylinder very carefully & turn very slowly. It will thread itself into the hole correctly or it will cross thread & start turning the plug inside the hose which then alerts you by the feel of it that it needs to be removed & re-threaded into the hole properly. Be careful not to bang the tip of the iridium plugs they are very delicate.

Reassembly is pretty much as you can guess the exact opposite & slightly easier with less cussing. Take the time to cut off parts of the snorkel that you don't need especially the pieces that stick out on the bottom. I literally just cut them off with a pneumatic hacksaw & then sealed the holes with duct tape from both sides. Pretty low tech, but it works & the snorkel went back into the frame way way way easier than it came out...