Cycle Cynch

I got turned onto the Cycle Cynch by a fellow STT instructor & I was so excited when it finally arrived that I actually went to the trouble of hooking up the trailer & loading up the bike just to try it out even though I don't have to be at the track again for over a month! I know that sounds silly, but when you trailer your bike to as many tracks as I do all season long & know firsthand how much damage occurs just from normal wear & tear happening then you have to appreciate a product that works as good as this one does.

This thing totally kicks the crap out of the Canyon Dancer that I had been using for years. Now let me explain this because quite frankly a lot of people just don't understand what is happening and there are a lot of users out there that swear by their Canyon Dancer, but the best you know is only the best you have used. The Canyon Dancer Harness has 2 straps that pull against each other and can slip against each other causing the motorcycle to lean one way or the other. To prevent this you have to pull down on the straps so hard that it fully compresses the front end of the motorcycle that way if you hit a bump in the road there is no more room for the suspension to compress further. This is hard on the forks, fork springs and fork seals. Additionally the extra force on the grips causes them to be forced out of place or out of shape. If you do not fully compress the forks then when you hit a bump the suspension compresses and allows slack to be built up in the harness which can then allow the bike to lean over or even fall over in some cases.

With the Cycle Cynch all those issues instantly disappear! No more opening your trailer to find your bike rubbing against the wall or your other bike and you do not have to put as much stress on the front end.

The next step up is the Pit-Bull Trailer Restraint System which requires no strapping down of the front end at all.

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