Brembo HP Rotors

This was another one of those instances where I figured that the cost of aftermarket parts really couldn't be justified when it came down to the return on investment compared to the performance of the OEM parts

I was wrong...

My riding style has depends on massive amounts of trailbraking. I am the self-proclaimed king of trailbraking and have always put more faith in my front tire and braking systems than I ever have in rear tires or power mods to the bike. For me precision in stopping has alway been a priority. The more feel & feedback I get from the master cylinder & calipers the better I can ride by going deeper into the turn while loading up the front tire and increasing the contact patch. To do this effectively turn after turn, lap after lap you need consistency & precision both of which I had with the set-up I was using (Brembo GP4-RX calipers, Brembo M/C, C59 race pads etc), but once I installed these rotors I also achieved an additional level of stopping performance that I had not had previously. Instantly I had more control, power & even precision from the front end under extremely aggressive braking maneuvers. The fact that these rotors are also a full floating design which eliminated every single bit of parasitic drag I was experience also means that the front wheel now spins freely for 5 or 6 rotations with the simple push of the tire and that the rotors run cooler as they no longer drag the pads when the brakes are not being applied.

As with so many of my articles the idea behind sharing this much info comes from multiple threads on internet discussion forums so once again instead of typing out the same basic replies once every 2-3 months I decided to put those thoughts down for everyone to view. You can read my thoughts on brake products here