Ohlins Forks
with Superbike Valving
& Anti-Dive Shim Stack


Update on fork length

Well... There have been quite a few heated arguements on the forums about the proper setting of the OHLINS R/T forks to achieve the same ride height as the "stock forks". Some guys were claming that 5 lines needed to be visible & some guys claimed that only 5mm need to be visible etc... The truth is both were most likely right. The original Ohlins R/T forks for the 2004 CBR1000RR were 13mm longer (fork cap to center of axle) than the later revised forks. If you do the math you can easily see how close either suggested setting would be to the other one depending on which length forks you had.

To determine which forks you have look on the bottom of the fork leg for an engraved number.

If they read "4790-01" then you have the original forks at 730mm overall length (fork cap to center of axle)

If they read "4790-07" then you have the new forks at only 717mm overall length (fork cap to center of axle)

This is is just another option & way of improving the forks for serious track enthusiasts.

What you have here is all the benefits of the Ohlins Forks, but now with added stability & compliance for truly highspeed riding/racing. Basically I would recommend the Superbike Valving in the Ohlins forks as the top of the line front end mod for those guys that want to continue to improve not only their bike, but their own ability.  If you want the best advantage out their on the track for both your bike & your own mind then get both these mods done & you WILL NOT regret your investment...

I would not recommend this mod to guys that are mostly street riders as I believe the Ohlins R/T forks are much better suited to that task right out of the box & also very capable at the track.

I'm working as an instructor for STT this season so I have a ton of tracktime coming up & I will report back more of my findings as the season progresses & we try some additional mods & settings on the 1000RR, but so far after the first event of the season for me at Barber (my home track) last week I am very satisfied with the improvement of the already phenomenal Ohlins forks which are like day/night compared to the stock forks!