This is the quick & dirty version as I am not going into full detail on this mod like we did for the RC51 however you can read that page if you just want more detailed info on what it is & why here: RC51 PAIR MOD

There are no performance gains with this mod, but it does have some benefits:
1. You no longer have to clamp off the lines to get an accurate A/F ratio when doing dyno runs
2. No more loud obnoxious popping from the exhaust on deceleration
3. You lose a little bit of weight
4. It cleans up the area in front of the airbox giving you more room to work when it comes time for other maintenance

For the 1000RR the PAIR Solenoid that allows the fresh air to enter the exhaust ports is located in the headstock right on front of the airbox. To get to it you will have to either remove the entire airbox or at the very least seperate the top & bottom half of the airbox so you can remove just the lower half of the airbox from the throttle bodies. To do this you have to disconnect the wire clamp on the right side of the injector fuel rail to give enough slack in the wires to move the top half of the airbox away from the lower half. .

This is the piece you are removing

This is what the area will look like & the ports you need to cap off