Powercommander PCIII USB


This little jewel allows you to change the fuel mapping to obtain better Air/Fuel ratios & yield better combustion in the cylinders. EVEN IF YOU STILL HAVE THE STOCK EXHAUST GET A POWERCOMMANDER! It is way more important than any choice of exhaust brand for getting the best possible throttle response & power delivery out of your Fuel Injected bike!

Changing maps or adjusting existing ones only takes a few seconds from your computer & in time there will be a huge assortment of custom maps to choose from.

The new RR has a lot of areas in the rev range that are both very rich & very lean from the factory & the PCIII is currently the only available tool we have that allows us to change the fuel injection mapping to make it optimal across the board. Even with stock cans you will find that while overall horsepower is increased marginally that the throttle response is greatly improved & the bike once properly mapped has a much smoother engine pull, it just feels more balanced & like it really is connected to your wrist.

Many people truly underestimate the importance of this item or they simply ask "well how much hp will it give me?" totally missing the point that the increased hp is just a by-product of the real function of the Powercommander. The idea behind the unit is not neccessarily more power, but better power. When you smooth out your Air/Fuel ratio you get a more linear power delivery curve which makes the bikes easier to ride & improves the throttle response. Yes peak horsepower numbers are increased with a PCIII (& a good mapping), but those peak hp dyno numbers actually mean very little when it comes to real world riding. How often do you really ride around at full throttle with the engine at redline? Not very much, but you use the mid-range performance of the engine all the time. Plus it just doesn't matter if your bike has the best hp numbers on top end the world has ever seen, if your bike is not burning fuel optimally throughout the entire rev range then it will take the engine longer to get to those peak numbers, but get that A/F ratio smoothed out & the power is stronger throughout the entire rev range.

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