Brake Upgrade Part II

04-05 (310mm) Rotor to 06 (320mm) Rotor swap

(Very simple mod for 04-05 1000RR owners with 310mm rotors owners to upgrade to the larger 06 320mm rotors.

It reduces rotating mass since the 06 rotors while larger in diameter are slightly thinner with a ligher weight carrier. Less rotating weight means less gyroscopic effect from the wheel making the bike steer , stop & accelerate quicker

  04-05 310mm Rotor 3.4lbs
  06 320mm Rotor 2.8lbs
  Total weight saved 1.2lbs

Theoretically the larger diameter rotor offers less brake fade than the 04-05 rotors, however since they are thinner they will be more susceptible to warping from the heat... I could not perceive any real difference between the two rotors in actual performance.

To do the mod all you need are some 06 1000RR rotors usually found on ebay or the forums for $100-$125 & some 5mm spacers for your calipers (mine came from Dan Kyle ($40 for the set of 4)

Swapping the actual rotors on the wheel is pure simplicity. All you need to pay attention to is the directional arrow on the rotors to make sure the rotor you are putting on is for the same side as the rotor you are removing & remember to use loctite on the bolts when you replace them.

Tap the OEM dowel spacer into the 5mm spacer

Then place the dowel spacer back into the fork leg castings & leave the lip on the spacer facing towards the caliper