Sato Slip-on Exhaust Page

If you have never read my exhaust article then you might find it quite informative. It is oriented towards the RC51, but most of the info rings true across the board for the various brands discussed as well as the principles & theories.

For my 1000RR I went with the Sato Slip-on. Now keep in mind I could have had any exhaust in the world, but ultimately I chose the slip-on because it outperforms every other exhaust I have tested and/or seen tested in the low & mid-range. Now it does lose a few hp on top end compared to the Sato Full System, but that is more than acceptable to me as I rarely ride around with the throttle pinned wide open & the tach at redline... I do however use the mid-range power all the time & would much rather have those extra gains where I use them the most.

Dyno chart of the Sato Slip-on Vs the Full System compared to stock
click for larger pic

Another reason I went with the slip-on is I wanted to be able to wrap the head pipes (torque scavenging) & that cannot be done with aftermarket Titanium or thin walled SS headers as it will cause rapid deterioration of the pipes. The gains are generally minimal & usually in the mid-range & yes some custom mapping is also required to recognize the benefit. Not a project for everyone, but if you have unlimited dyno time & some patience some gains can be realized