Sato Rear Reservoir

I originally removed the OEM Rear Reservoir and line in favor of an HRC Green Tubing Kit. This looks really cool like the factory race bikes, but two things detract from it:

1. The green tubing sweats brake fluid

2. After time the green tubing gets brittle & hard and no longer wants to stay formed to the nipple on the master cylinder and easily slips off during normal riding conditions on the track




Later I went back to the OEM Reservoir and line, but relocated it slightly back & below the seat to keep it out of the way a little better


Well somehow I mananged to put a hole in the res line at the track & brake fluid was dripping down all over the place so Sato hooked me up with a new Rear Reservoir prototype they have been working on. It's not really designed for my bike nor the placement I put my brake line in, but since the reservoir is capable of being mounted in any orientation I took advantage of that & simply tilted it to one side to clear the line & I now have a working reservoir that is tucked out of the way of my big ass feet and neatly into the nook of the swingarm with plenty of clearance