I purchased some of the integrated tail light assemblies from Japan


Now what I wanted was the base plates that hold the3 bulbs in place, but not the yellow/red/yellow lenses
So I used a heat gun to heat up the edges of the tail light assemblies & once the par-bond was soft enough I
simply pulled them apart and stuck the new base plates I purhased from Japan on to all red US Spec tail lens.


Due to the spacing of the 2 additional bulbs in the base plate it is important to realize that the mounting bolts no longer mount up in the correct
position. I used a pneumatic hacksaw to cut off the rear section of the subframe and then used some Sato Racing Bendy Brackets to make
some quick mounts along with some pieces I found in the shop to extend the mounting bolts out further.

(the cheapo license plate bracket was already there when I purchased the bike, I'll do something with that some day too...)