ARATA Full Titanium Exhaust

UPDATE 10/23/16: Now I am really impressed. Just got back from Willow Springs Raceway which is one of the fastest tracks in the country. I was previously instructing in the New Racer School for a local series at this track so I have a fair amount of laps here and intimately know what to expect from my bike around this circuit. Well all of that changed with this new exhaust. I was carrying way more speed in the faster sections than I ever had before easily another 20mph at the end of the front straight and getting way better drives out on the throttle than ever before as well. All of this with ZERO changes to my engine management the only thing that has changed is the addition of the ARATA exhaust.

So yesterday I got to try out the ARATA Full on the track with zero tuning changes to my bike and while the top end didn't feel that much different from the M4 Slip-on, the mid-range was way more powerful. It also slightly changed the way my bike idles. With the M4 slip-on my bike idled so low at normal operating temps that it always sounded like it was going to stall in between lopes. I mean it never did, but I was always amazed that it didn't... The ARATA full changes the flow characteristics enough for it to idle almost normal and the throttle response was improved throughout the rev range, but most noticeable in the low to midrange like getting back on the gas in slow Turn 2 at Buttonwillow #13 config way less on/off to the throttle application. I am very impressed with it considering again that I made ZERO tuning changes.