2006-2007 CBR1000RR Sato Full Ti Sytem
(& yes it exits the tail straight)

If you have never read my exhaust article then you might find it quite informative. It is oriented towards the RC51, but most of the info rings true across the board for the various brands discussed as well as the principles & theories.

Ok this is the next evolution for me. Originally I had decided on the Sato Slip-on only for my bike, but when I started getting emails & messages asking if the new Box Style Full System designed for the 06-07 1000RR would fit on an 04-05 bikes I simply didn't know nor did Sato Racing so we decided to find out!

The answer is YES it does fit on the 04-05 1000RR & it is quieter than the oval Sato Slip-on I had installed previously, but has a much lower & meaner sounding frequency. Much more neighborhood friendly at idle or low revs, but still sounds like full-on Superbike once you get above 7000rpm

The install went as easy as can be expected for any full system, but I did have to use a few washers that DID NOT come with the kit to adapt it to the subframe of the 04-05 model bike. No big deal as I had them laying around or worse case scenario it would have cost me about .79 cents at Home Depot...

I will be testing the exhaust on the track this weekend at Road Atlanta without any of the OEM heat shields installed to see if there are any heat/melting issues to be concerned with etc. Check back here for the results.

Found a problem with the 04/05 model installation:
There is a rubber sheath on the radiator hose closest to the number 1 cylinder header pipe. During the weekend on the track I noticed that when the engine was at temp and the coolant system pressurised the hose would expand & it was melting that rubber sheath around the coolant hose. A friend of mine (Tom Moffat) had witnessed a similar issue on the AMA Superbikes & found an aluminized piping to fit around the hose just like on the Factory bikes. I'll get with Tom & find out where to purchase this piping soon & report back here.

Just out of the box

Couple quick pics I snapped after the install tonight

Additional Promo Pics from Japan