Brake Lines

Adding aftermarket brake lines is Sportbikes 101

Braided lines firm up the lever & generally give better feedback & lever feel removing the spongy feeling that OEM rubber lines give & reducing brake fade DURING aggressive riding. If you are not using the brakes that hard you may never truly know the benefits of braided lines over the OEM rubber lines, but they are worth the money in my opinion.

It really just doesn't matter which brand you go with or whether you choose kevlar or braided stainless steel although the braided SS lines are commonly touted as holding up better than kevlar in a crash situation. Nobody can honestly say they can tell the difference in brake line performance between the different brands & materials.

I personally went with Spiegler brake lines over the last several years on all my bikes I have found them to weather better than any other brand out there. Their anodized fittings don't fade nor corrode like the Galfers I used to use and all their lines are DOT approved right out of the box. Plus they can custom make a set for your bike like adding 1.5" to the length to compensate for adding Brembo Master Cylinders etc. Having the ability to twist the fitting to obtain a perfect fit is a bonus too although I have very rarely had to do that on any of their kits as they are typically perfect right out of the box.

Some past examples of Spiegler Lines I have used