Kawasaki Gen 4 ZX-10R Track Bike Build



First off the new bike: Gen 4 ZX-10R ABS

Almost ironically at the time I purchased this used bike I had a fair amount of seat time on just about every current literbike on the US market except the ZX-10R. I had just never been in the right place at the right time. I mean sure I had taken one up and down the street for a quick test ride etc, but I had not been able to swing a leg over one and ride it in anger on the track as I had so many other bikes.

My thoughts are it blows the other bikes away. The crossplane R1 is a novelty turd that requires a massive influx of cash and parts to make it competitive, the newer CBR1000RR's are great streetbikes, but terrible racebikes requiring a constantly changing variety of chassis and suspension parts along with the prerequisite testing to make all of it work together and even then they still suffer from a lot of front end chatter problems regardless of how good your suspension is. The GSXR1000 is well it's actually pretty damn good, but it's still the same ole cookie cutter gixxer we have all grown to love. The BMW S1000RR is a horsepower monster, but all that inertia takes a lot of effort and extra parts (i.e swingarm pivots, offset triple clamps etc) to hustle around the track and the Traction Control system is pretty much useless at race pace... The new Panigales are just Italian parts waiting to leak oil everywhere and I will leave it at that. Ultimately The only other bike I gave any serious thought aside from the ZX-10R was the Aprilia RSV4, but in the end I decided that function would take precedence over form not to mention value for the dollar and the ease of getting spares. I'd still love to have an Aprilia, but I just don't have that kind of money to throw around.

The ZX-10R is in my opinion the best out of the box turn key trackbike platform there is currently. Like all the other bikes it needs some help with its suspension and linkage and the ABS is best left to the street period, but all in all it is the most competent package on the market right now for literbikes that are track capable. I'm still on the fence about how well the OEM Traction Control lends itself to track use, but I do think it is better than most other OEM TC systems with the exception of the RSV4 APRC.

The bottom line is I love this new to me ZX-10R and look forward to continuing to test parts & modify it to my liking. As much as I loved my old 1000RR I simply cannot express how happy I am to once again be on a current piece of two wheeled technology that allows me to do a better, safer job while out there on the race track.

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Much of the information and mods below are specific to the Gen 4 ZX-10R, but there are also some articles and reviews from other bikes that are relevant to the ownership experience of the ZX-10R so they are included as well.


ABS System Removal
Aftermarket Race Air Filters
AGRAS Rear Caliper Bracket
APE Manual Cam Chain Adjuster
Brake Lines
Brake Pads Review
Brake Tech Full Floating Cast Iron Rear Rotor
Brembo 19x18 Master Cylinder with KR Res Mount Kit
Brembo GP4-RX Nickel Calipers
Brembo HP Super Sport Rotors
Brembo CNC Nickel P34 Rear Caliper
Catayst Composites Race Bodywork
Carbon Fiber Velocity Stacks
CRG Replacement Levers
CycleCynch for hauling your bike
Decibel Killer Insert
Dyno Chart & Tuning Basics
ECU Reflashing
Exhaust ARATA Titanium Full System
Exhaust M4 Slip-on
Gearing Spreadsheet must have Excel
Geometry & Chassis Set-up
Kyle Racing Linear Race Linkage
Kyle Racing Stainless Steel Axle Tool
Lightech Chain Adjusters
Motion Pro Revolver Quick Turn Throttle
Motoholder Fairing Stay
Ohlins FGRT201 30mm NIX Forks
Ohlins Steering Damper REVALVE
Ohlins TTX-GP Shock REVALVED for Linear Race Link
Pit-Bull Trailer Restraint
Powercommander PCV + AutoTune
Race Fuels vs Pump Gas the truth
Regulator/Rectifier Relocated
Renthal 50mm Clip-ons
Sato Racing Barends
Sato Racing Oil Filler Cap
Sato Racing Rearsets
Sato Racing Thumb Brake
Speedcell Lightweight Superbike Battery
Sprockets, Gearing, 520 Conversions and Chain Maintenance
Tires DOT Race VS Street
Vortex V3 Gas Cap
WHEELS Metal Scorpio Forged Aluminum
Woodcraft Case Covers & Frame Sliders
WHY Ohlins Oil?



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