Brembo GP4-RX Calipers

Been there and done that with these on my previous 1000RR so it was a no brainer to immediately go after them again on this new ZX-10R.

You're gonna have to replace the pads that come with these calipers immediately because they suck, but with the right pads installed these calipers are the best value for the money in the Brembo product line and the only calipers less than $2000 that actually offer a performance benefit over the OEM calipers.

Per my brake pad review page I installed the Carbone Lorraine C60 pads into these calipers and have nothing, but praise for the combination.

As with so many of my articles the idea behind sharing this much info comes from multiple threads on internet discussion forums so once again instead of typing out the same basic replies once every 2-3 months I decided to put those thoughts down for everyone to view. You can read my thoughts on brake products here

With Brembo Supplied bolts

ProBolt Titanium Drilled Bolts