Brembo 19X18 Master Cylinder

I was not all that dissatisfied with the OEM brakes on this bike, aside from the ABS function, but when you test the OEM master cylinder back to back with the aftermarket Brembo it becomes blatantly apparent why this is a modification so many riders choose to perform. Aftermarket master cylinders offer you better feel and modulation of the calipers which is a huge asset for aggressive riding where trailbraking is not just an optional technique, but a mandatory one.

For the last couple seasons I tested the latest unit from Brembo the RCS19 which has a selector to allow you to change ratios and while it is an excellent master cylinder much better than any OEM master I've ever used it did not seem to have the same level of modulation that the conventional 19x18 Forged unit does so I switched back! The 19X18 is also a bit cheaper which leaves some money leftover for the trick mount kit you see below!. The ZX-10R has forward facing pinch bolts in the upper triple clamp which allowed me to use a custom made 8MM Triple Tree Pinch Bolt Reservoir Kit ($50).

As with so many of my articles the idea behind sharing this much info comes from multiple threads on internet discussion forums so once again instead of typing out the same basic replies once every 2-3 months I decided to put those thoughts down for everyone to view. You can read my thoughts on brake products here