Regulator/Rectifier Relocation

The OEM mount for the Regulator is inside the upper pocket of the left side bodywork. Obviously when you remove the OEM bodywork and replace it with race plastics then you have automatically lost your mounting location for the regulator.

The proper way to mount them with race plastics is to buy a $400ish dollar oil catch can that mounts above the countershaft sprocket cover and then mount the regulator to that. Of course it's never just that simple as you also have to lengthen the wire harness to the regulator so it can be moved that far from its original mount.

I deliberated over this for a couple days before I said to myself "screw it" and quite literally I did. Right to the inside of the race plastics in roughly the same area as the OEM unit would sit. I simply flattened out the OEM bracket in a vise and then attached it with a couple fasteners and washers.

It is not the most aesthetically pleasing job I have done, but it works.