Jay Murray Decibel Killer Inserts

Here's the deal... Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is county owned and in a very close proximity to the city of Monterey. Lots of old, rich and obviously not overly bright people thought it would be a great idea to build houses right next to a race track and then bitch and complain about the noise of racecars and motorcycles out circulating on the track so Laguna Seca has sound limits. They are basically given 5 dates per year with no real limits for world class racing events like Grand Am, Rolex, WSBK or MotoGP etc.

The rest of the events and trackdays are limited to either 92Db or the new norm of 90Db. Many bikes like like the R6 & BMWS1000RR cannot pass the sound test with stock exhausts due to a combination of intake roar and exhaust note so everyone with a race exhaust DAMN SURE has to find a way to make it quieter or face being expelled from the event.

One man has come to the aid of more riders than I can count. Jay Murray has been making these decibel killer inserts for years and they work very well. I've personally used them on 2 different 1000RR's and an F4i, but this latest insert he made for the M4 exhaust on my ZX-10R is pure genius. The angled nozzle opposite the sound booth drastically reduces the sound registered on the meter and he also included an additional crimped sound reducer that is pinned in place when the unit is installed inside the exhaust can. (I will get pics of the complete assembly when I pull it out after this next trackday)

Contact Info: jaymurray2@aol.com , 831-659-4729

The main deflector tube and the optional crimped sound killer which I did not have to use to pass the 90dB limit imposed at Laguna Seca.

Fully Assembled