This is the quick & dirty version as I am not going into full detail on this mod like we did for the RC51 however you can read that page if you just want more detailed info on what it is & why here: RC51 PAIR MOD

There are no performance gains with this mod, but it does have some benefits:
1. You no longer have to clamp off the lines to get an accurate A/F ratio when doing dyno runs or Tuning
2. No more loud obnoxious popping from the exhaust on deceleration
3. You lose a little bit of weight
4. It cleans up the already limited area around the airbox giving you more room to work when it comes time for other maintenance

On my particular bike I simply capped off both intake nipples on the valve cover. the picture below is from a 1000RR and it will have to suffice until the next time I remove the airbox on the ZX-10R, but the parts are almost identical on both bikes.

I promise I will get actual pics on the ZX-10R soon and I will likely go ahead and install actual PAIR Block-Off Plates at that time as well