Ohlins Damper Rework

On the late model Kawasaki ZX10R and ZX6R an Ohlins Steering damper is installed as a stock damper, but it is made to Kawasaki's Spec and does not anywhere even close to the damping as an aftermarket Ohlins damper.

With the correct Ohlins needle and seat, the correct tools and an oil bleeding/filling machine this can be rectified. Costs about $100 including shipping and instantly transforms your OEM damper into one that works just like you would expect them to.

Additional notes:

The 2013-2015 ZX-10R models have an electronic controlled damper which cannot be revalved like the previous models to perform properly. If you disconnect the electronic damper and replace it with a manual unit then the ECU throws a code which affects power output from the engine. You are then forced to do an ECU reflash or purchase a Race ECU.

Another option for the 2013+ models is the Ohlins SCU which is designed to plug in and control the Electronic Damper without throwing a MIL code, but so far this has not proven to work in the manner it was designed.