Motion Pro Quick Turn Throttle

Yea I'm draggin ass and still haven't installed this yet, but it will not stop me from expounding on why I like these kinds of mods

I've never had any complaints about how quickly I can get to full throttle.

In my opinion the real design issue with any quicker turn throttle is not so you can get to full throttle quicker, but rather so you can roll off the throttle with less travel. Way too many times with a standard 1/4 turn throttle I have rolled off the throttle from a full throttle position and attempted to pull the brake lever only to find out the throttle is still open just a tiny bit and now I have both ends of the bike fighting with each other with the brakes trying to slow the bike down, but the tiny bit of throttle still trying to get the bike to move forward. The quick turn throttle allows the throttle to be fully closed with less rotation of the hand which allows you get on the brakes quicker.

Just my opinion based on what I have observed to be a problem versus what is not a problem.