Sato Racing Thumb Brake Install

I grew up riding and racing 4-Wheeler ATV's from about age 8 or 9 so using a thumb operated control is basically as normal to me as riding a bicycle. I have always had a thing for Thumb Brakes as my confidence in a size 11 boot dangling off the foot peg being able to accurately apply brake lever pressure to the rear wheel of a sportbike at triple digits speeds has never been inspiring to say the least.

Well after trying several different types of Thumb Brakes and begging Sato Racing to finish their development for the last several years the perfect Thumb Brake is finally here.

I'm just gonna post some random pics of it for as a lot of this is pretty self-explanatory, but I will come back and update this page with a more formal review and install instructions as well as the options of how piggy back it with the original rear master cylinder with different types of reservoir delete's etc...

I removed the rear master cylinder & rear set brake lever entirely and ran a 1760mm brake line direct from the Thumb Brake to the underslung Brembo caliper instead

Reservoir Delete Options