Aftermarket Air Filters

Ok if you have followed any of my previous projects you already know that I am typically against using any type of aftermarket high flow filters (especially the K&N Brand) as typically they hurt performance on newer sportbikes more than they help it. If you want to read the details of my previous testing on them in the negative aspect you can follow up on it here: link to the airfilters hype page,

Having said that I had excellent results with the BMC Race filters on my CBR1000RR and based on faith of many other ZX-10R owners I decided to give the K&N filters a try on this Gen 4.

I chose the K&N Street Filter over the Race model and thus far have not felt any ill effects from it. This is not scientific though as I have gone against my own protocols and not tested the filters back to back on the dyno. What I can tell you is there is no hesitation in the throttle response or any noticeable detriment to the power delivery when compared to the OEM filters. That combined with over 180rwhp leaves me not really worrying about any possible loss of horsepower with this bike. There is plenty on tap.

Sorry it was the only pic I had ready...