Sato Rearsets

Ok even after more than a decade now the Sato Racing rear sets are still one of my top choices! Built to withstand a crash, spares readily available and wide range of adjustment there is just not a whole lot more you could want in a set of foot controls.

For those of you that are not familiar with all the benefits of these rearsets let me give you some basic info:

The general purpose of rearsets is to get the foot pegs up & back from the stock position usually for more ground clearance a well as a more aggressive riding position that racers prefer.

The Sato’s use double ball bearings instead of bushings in their levers that make for a very solid, but extremely smooth action. They are very well built, in my opinion they are the beefiest design I have seen with very thick mounting plates & designed to be crashed in that the pegs work like frame sliders when the bike goes down & the parts themselves are specifically designed to bend instead of break-off. The reason this is important is because if the part breaks off it renders the rearset totally useless. If it just bends then generally you can continue to use them until a time comes that you can make proper repairs.

Available in Black, Silver & Gold
with an Optional GP Shift Kit