Motomaxx Carbon Fiber Velocity Stacks

UPDATE 04/18/15: Don't buy these fuckin things... They finally arrived and before I could even get them installed and the bike up on our own dyno for testing other owners started posting their own dyno results online and basically the manufacturer claims for performance increase on a stock engine is absolute bullshit. There might be some gains to be had with a built engine with internal mods (cams, pistons etc), but I have zero intentions of doing that kind of work to this bike so I've pretty much wasted $250 for some parts that don't even make good paperweights.

As far as I am concerned these Motomaxx Velocity Stacks were misrepresented by the manufacturer and the only way they might improve overall performance on an otherwise stock engine is with a 100% custom tune. I do not have the time not the inclination currently to do a custom tune on my bike as it sits just to turn around and do it all over again when I install the Motomaxx stacks. With gains (and losses for that matter) so small on the exhibited dyno sheets that is the only way to prove the validity of these new stacks.

This dyno sheet is not mine, but I believe it is an accurate real world representation of the stacks where the red line that is actually losing horsepower is the new Motomaxx velocity stacks installed on an otherwise stock engine.

Normally I do not pursue such things, but due to a group buy on a ZX-10R forum and the realistic looking gains in performance shown from the manufacturer I decided to give these a try.

They are being built and should arrive in the next couple weeks. Until then here are the stock photos and dyno chart from the manufacturer

Manufacturer supplied dyno chart