Ohlins KA340 TTX-GP

As if the TTX design wasn't already one of the most significant improvement in shocks since monoshocks & linkages were implemented on sportbikes, Ohlins has stepped it up again with the new TTX-GP design

This new shock boasts improvements in damping circuit isolation, wider range of adjustment combined with more precision and the entire shock is lighter as well.

309mm eye to eye length with an adjustment of +6/-0

Bolting one of these TTX-GP shocks into an otherwise stock ZX-10R chassis is immediately a huge improvement over the stock shock. Words cannot convey how bad I think most OEM shocks are without resorting to vulgarity so I will refrain altogether, but I assure you this is one of the best mods you can do to your motorcycle when it comes to performance gains. With the proper spring rate installed for your weight you get instant gratification from the first second you start rolling down your driveway or that hot pit lane. If you have never owned an Ohlins shock let me warn you now that it is as addictive as any drug ever conceived. Once you feel how compliant and forgiving your bike becomes with quality suspension installed you will be chasing that same feeling for the rest of your life with every bike you own.

I took this particular KA340 shock a step further and revalved it to a C36 R5 spec specifically matched to the 5% Linear Race Link I also installed. The bike now feels much more like an extension of my own body. I have a much better grasp of what it is doing underneath me and it knows what I expect it to do.

UPDATE: at near race pace I was having some diffculty getting the rear end to remain settled and the rear tire had pea sized rubber dingleberries from one side to other. I kept adding more & more compression damping to the shock and the symptoms got better, but were never totally alleviated. So I went in and increased the compression valving to the C37 spec and reset the clicks to 16 out. Immediately the rear end of the bike became not only predictable and stable, but the tire wear issue is completely gone too!

C37 / R5 Valving: started at 16 clicks on Compression and 10 clicks on Rebound