M4 Slip-on Exhaust Page

If you have never read my exhaust article then you might find it quite informative. It is oriented towards the RC51, but most of the info rings true across the board for the various brands discussed as well as the principles & theories.

For the Gen4 ZX-10R which already has Titanium headers straight from the factory I decided to save some money and purchase a slip-on exhaust. I did however, splurge a little on an Akra carbon fiber exhaust hanger. As far as how it sounds well... I just don't give a damn how any exhaust sounds and find people that obsess over such things to be pretty lame overall. I just want to save some weight over the heavy OEM exhaust and let it breathe a little better. Personally if I could get the same performance gains out of a completely silent exhaust then that is the route I would go, but unfortunately that is not how it works.

I'm slackin though as I have not yet made my own dyno runs like I used to do back when I had nothing, but time on my hands not to mention with the advent of the Dynojet Autotune I tend to spend more time tuning in real time nowadays rather than on the dyno so making the extra effort to just to get a visual is not a high priority for me anymore.

I can offer a snapshot of the gains by easily copying the Manufacturer provided charts though.