Ohlins FGRT201 30mm NIX Forks

I had a really tough time deciding on which route to go with the fork options on this bike. It is a dedicated trackbike and even though I am only actually racing it a couple times versus a plethora of trackdays it will see, I really wanted to go with the Ohlins TTX25 Gas Charged Cartridge Kits just like the National Series Pro riders use. I've only tested the gas charged kits briefly on the track and they bode exceptionally well with the heavy use of trailbraking in my riding style. On the flip side they have a pretty heavy maintenance schedule that must be adhered to and they aren't cheap by any stretch of the imagination to purchase or service...

The other choices were between the 30mm NIX cartridge Kit versus the FGRT201 forks that now come with 30mm kits internally. My wife solved the problem for me by telling me that if I buy the Ohlins forks I can then free up some more money by selling the OEM forks to someone else so that is where we sit now.

Some quick respringing to suit my weight and off they will go to be installed on the bike

Spec Sheet
Mounting Instructions