ECU Reflashing

By now it is common practice in the industry to reflash the OEM ECU to remove various EPA mandated restrictions and other functions that hinder performance. the Gen 4 ZX-10R ECU's respond exceptionally well to this reflash offering gains of up to 25 additional horsepower. You simply send them your ECU, they flash it with a new code and send it back to you.

There are lots of companies doing this reflash service, but they are not all created equal.

I purchased my bike used with just over 2000 miles on it and the previous owner had used a company called ECU Unleashed to perform the reflash. While I am not dissatisfied with the performance of the ECU I would not personally use them again in the future.

Since the previous owner of my bike used ECU Unleashed to flash the Gen4 ECU there is no detail on the options that could have been flashed at that time. My actual need for information from them centered around the Exhaust Servo motor which still rotates during the diagnostic loop of the start-up sequence. This leads me to believe that if I disconnect it then I will probably throw a code. I simply wanted to be able to contact ECU Unleashed to verify how this is handled with their flash.

The issue I have is you cannot contact them easily if at all as outlined below:

1. The very fact they might have been able to remove the exhaust Servo requirement through the flash, but didn't shows a flaw in the product and/or the communication of what service the customers are paying for.

2. Two of the California dealers listed on ECU Unleashed dealer page that I have tried to contact lead nowhere. One of them told me they no longer do flashing through ECU Unleashed the other never answers their phone and the mailbox is full.

3. Trying to contact ECU Unleashed direct is only available to the public by website submission form. No email or phone number is given to the public which is pretty shady right off the bat in my opinion.

4. After finally talking to an actual ECU Unleashed dealer in another state he told me that even he cannot contact them through any other method other than Skype which is how they expect their dealers to communicate with them. That same dealer also informed me of the blatant lack of information about what options are available to him for reflashing his customers bikes and that many problems have arisen around ECU reflashing like the bike failing to start etc. Couple those issues with the time consuming latency problem of actually conversing with ECU Unleashed and you have a propensity for some really pissed off customers when their shit doesn't work properly.

Ultimately I think product support is non-existant with this company and that it is doomed to fail at some point. You would have to be a fool to use this company after bringing this info into the light as I have done here especially when there appears to be so many more options for reflashing available to us even on this very forum.

UPDATE: My persistence in trying to contact them via email did eventually pay off kinda... I contacted them on May 7th and we had 3 volleys of correspondence. Exactly 2 weeks later I received another correspondence from them. I replied and then 11 days later they replied again telling me

I forwarded your original email to our techs and they informed me that unfortunately the exhaust servo removal (including the code) is a feature that is unavailable on Mitsubishi ECU's (used in the ZX-10's).

This seems entirely contradictory to me since every other company I have talked to has told me they can remove the requirement of the exhaust servo motor with their custom reflash. So again based on the latency in communication and the seemingly inaccurate responses from them I would recommend just about any other big name reflashing service over the ECU Unleashed service. Ultimately I spent an additional $60 on a servo motor delete gizmo that plugs into the the harness and tricks the ECU into thinking the servo motor is still there.

Your mileage may vary