ABS Removal

Ideally I would have liked to get my hands on a NON-ABS bike, but that wasn't my luck and the price was too good to pass on this deal until a NON-ABS model came along so the next logical step is to simply disable and/or remove the ABS system on the bike.

I was told to disable the system all that needed to be done is to pull the 2 fuses under the seat that run the ABS system. This will stop the ABS block from opening & closing ports to alter the braking pressure to the calipers. The downside is you are still pushing extra fluid through the very long lines and ABS block which removes feedback and delays modulation from the brakes. To a lesser extent it also leaves the ABS light lit the entire time which just irritates me.

In an act of blind faith I removed all the brake fluid lines and brackets from the entire bike and plugged the ABS Block to keep excess fluid from leaking all over the place. I then ran aftermarket brake lines direct from the master cylinders to the calipers and with both ABS fuses still installed the ECU doesn't even know the difference. When I start the bike the ABS light comes on just like normal and as soon as I start to roll the ABS light goes off.