Unfortunately other obligations got in the way of this build page and I never finished it in spite of completing all the actual testing of the K5/K6 GSXR1000. I have a pretty thorough knowledge of what it takes and what geometry settings are required to get this bike to steer properly and maintain traction for optimum drive out of the turns and if you don't mind taking the time to email for details I don't mind giving them to you.

This page will be devoted to the GSXR1000 with product reviews, step by step detailed mod instructions & just as importantly we will also answer the questions of why we are performing each mod & what advantages or disadvantages they produce. My goal is simply to make this a living article to extract the most potential from the production version of this bike

We are going to do things a little differently this time. Instead of building the bike up piece by piece like I have done with so many others, this bike actually belongs to Dan Kyle & he has already installed some very high performance goodies on it for an incredible platform to build on. I will continue to develop what he has put on the bike as well as some new items like eccentric swingarm pivot adjusters & various other chassis related components. Everybody already knows this bike has an awesome motor so I am going to concentrate on getting the most out of the geometry set-up & suspension to make it more rider friendly.


Initial list of pros/cons as delivered:

One of the best gearboxes you will ever feel. Every shift is very positive & requires nothing more than a short, gentle snick of your foot to engage it.

Awesome motor with super linear power delivery throughout the entire rev range

Best Brakes I have ever used (but for the cost of the Brembo set-up they oughta be...)

Chassis is very stable under hard braking way more than any other bike I have built up.

Super easy to work on!

Superb throttle response, the bike really feels like it is connected to your wrist my only complaint at all is it can be a little touchy during off/on throttle transitions

Does not want to change direction at speed & has a slight tendency to run wide (this is probably a simple geometry issue that I will be able to work out pretty quickly)

Getting the power to the ground is a challenge, the rear tire wants to spin up something fierce when getting on the gas coming out of turns



Ohlins forks with 3200-27 SBK Valving
SU503 Ohlins Shock
Marchesini Forged Magnesium Wheels
Sato Racing Slip-on with MotoGP can
Sato Racing Rear Sets
Brembo 19x8 Master Cylinder
Brembo Narrow Band Rotors
Brembo 4 Pad Monobloc Calipers with TiNi pins & pistons
CRG SS Clutch Perch



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