Powercommander PCV

Just like the previous model PCIII USB this new & improved unit not only allows you to change the fuel mapping to obtain better Air/Fuel ratios & yield better combustion in the cylinders. It also has a nifty optional Autotune module that will do the mapping for you based on the custom target Air/Fuel ratios you select! Just like the PCIII USB this unit is way more important than any choice of exhaust brand for getting the best possible throttle response & power delivery out of your fuel injected bike.

Autotune Module

So here's how it went down. At the time I did this test the new PCV Powercommanders had not been made for the 2004-2007 100RR's only 2008+ which used a different harness. They are now currently available for all models.

Luckily the harness for the 09 600RR PCV did fit the 04-07 1000RR with 100% Plug-N-Play connection

I added the Autotune and it works!

I was having some sort of hard starting problem which I thought may have been a result of the bike trying to run overly rich at low rpms during the start up cycle. Second thought was it might also be something to do with the HRC ECU I am using instead of the OEM one, but did a little research on the forums and found others with the same hard starting problem.
Updated the firmware in the PCV and the bike instantly started 3 times in a row with zero of the previous symptoms. Never had another problem out of it

Specifically tested the map switch function to see if the Autotune updates the trim tables & it works very well...

Just had to label the switch because I kept forgetting which way is which...


Spent the weekend at the race track & have great news!

First let me give you a little background on my 2004 bike.

I originally ran an HRC ECU with a PCIII piggy backed on it that I mapped out and was very happy with the results.

Later I took the exorbitant amount of time to map the HRC ECU itself, but left the PCIII attached with zero values in it just in case I ever needed to make some quick adjustments. The overall power results were marginally better with the HRC ECU mapped rather than the PCIII, but the throttle response suffered in certain areas especially at low throttle trying to get back on the gas etc so I used the PCIII to iron out some of those problem areas

To get apples to apples comparison on this new PCV & Autotune I had to go back & put the default map back into the HRC ECU so that the PCV would now have to do all the work I had originally done with the PCIII on the dyno.

The end result is that in about 4 sessions on the track the Autotune managed to do what took me hours to do on the dyno. The cell numbers in the maps were almost identical down to 1 value off the original map I created with the PCIII.

I had one problem where I think the engine temp dropped too low after entering the track with a hot engine (normal operating temp) and the air flow cooled the bike too quickly down to like 148 degree range and I came in too early which caused the A/F sensor to pick up some over rich conditions & tell the trim values to majorly lean out the top end range of the bike. The safeguards in the software force the user to review the trim values before they are accepted (written) to the map in the PCV and of course when I saw those unusually lean values I cleared the trim instead of accepting it. Basically as its been said before you do need to have some understanding of the process & tuning procedures or you could damage your engine, but all in all I am very impressed with the capabilities of this unit as well as the ease of use. Additionally there are safeguards in place that conditionally limit the AutoTune to function under X amount of time or minimum engine temp etc, but being in a hurry to get this test done and the unit functioning I disregarded all of those and went with a manual 2 position switch method of telling the AutoTune when to function or not. This also allows me to very strictly control the time and engine temp etc that the unit is populating the trim tables so that it is only tuning the bike at the specific operating environment that I need it to be. This helps reduce the time it takes to fine tune the cells.

One more thing to note: If you use an AutoTune module to tune your bike then just use it for the tuning process and once the map is completely done remove it from your bike. There is no reason to run the AutoTune in real time all the time. That just uses up more electrical current to heat the sensor and over time as your sensor degrades, especially if you are using leaded race fuel, so will your map.

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