Titanium Shock Spring

Ti spring = 1.45lbs

Steel Spring = 2.30lbs

.85lbs saved

This is a good mod for the 1000RR period!

I have the Ohlins "revalved" shock from Kyle Racing & the HRC linkage installed & the Ti shock spring has made the bike better for me. It was very difficult for me to originally try to describe why or how it made the bike handle differently, but when I told Dan Kyle about the differences I was feeling between the conventional steel spring & the new titanium spring he put his suspension tech on the job to test both springs & came up with the following info:

The Titanium springs are much more linear due to fewer coils (& were also proven much more consistent than steel springs in additional tests)

Test Results

Steel spring 100n/mm vs. Ti spring 100n/mm

Green line shows linear nature of the Ti spring

Red line indicates VERY progressive nature of steel spring after 40mm of stroke (actual coil bind of spring is 71mm)

Ti Spring vs. Ti spring with special bearing

Green line shows spring with special bearing, red without bearing

The bearing virtually eliminates friction creating a more predictable rate

592.6 foot/lbs is about equal to a 10.6 (I'll update this page & place a more appropriate picture later