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Dual Headlight Conversion By 919Jay


New pic of 919 dragbike Clint Graves
This bike runs a 11.28 at 121 mph in the quarter mile
with a R/T time of .402 and a 60 ft of 1.654
Kosman Wheelie Bar and a 7" mickey thompson slick
lowered 2.75 rear, 3 front, Strut in rear, strap down in front, no motor work yet

Click for larger pic


Sato Rearsets are here


Ventura Sport Rack page is up

Common torque values page is up

& Sato is almost finished with their
passenger pegs add-ons for their


New map from Dan Kyle for the Sato Slip-ons
This map was done on the Dynojet 250 dyno using the load control &
targeted mainly 12.9 A/F, It was done on a California Emissions bike,
but we have no real reason to believe the ECU is that much different than on the
49 State bikes. (I am running it on my 49 State bike & having no problems at all)

right mouse click & select "save as target"

Even if you do not have the Sato Slip-ons it may prove
beneficial for you to at least try this map & if you do please
send me an e-mail to let me know your thoughts


Sato exhausts are available
Click here to read the review & install instructions


Sato has Delrin Frame sliders now available
Click here for details


Nothing really exciting but the 17t sprocket does fit!
Click here for the sprocket page


Sato has working prototypes for exhaust & rearsets
Complete with bearings instead of bushings for super smooth movement
. After testing many different rearsets & exhausts on my RC51, I ultimately ended up sticking with the Sato & am looking forward to seeing their finished goods for the 919
Here's a sneak peek


My Moriwaki slip-ons arrived today & issues ensued

The Moriwaki Experience


More maps are up for testing


Powercommander PCIII's for the 919 are officially shipping!


Lots of good things coming in the near future, I've been real busy with my other site here lately & as a consequence have got quite a collection of parts waiting to be installed on the 919 as well as dyno test data to post...


Here is a link to a UK Vendor that will be more than happy to ship the Honda Accessories (Windscreen & centerstand) that we cannot obtain through Honda dealers here in the US.



I have decided to shut down the forum as I do not believe there is enough interest to justify the endeavour

This page will be updated frequently with new ideas, parts & testing results for 919 items